Saturday, November 5, 2011

Holiday Open House Part 1

I am so excited to get these up on the blog for those who can't come to the Open House.  We were able to set up a table at the school carnival today, so I'll be posting the items that were most popular first.  For those who are purchasing items as part of the Open House you will be receiving a 20% discount.  These prices will be good on all orders placed through November 19th.

The all time favorite of the night were our scrabble tiles.  These are available in any letter of the alphabet.  The ones displayed are stained, however, if you would rather have them on painted white wood that is also available.  The wood is 4 1/4" tall x 3 1/2" width x 1 1/2" deep.

During the Open House the tiles are $1.00 each.  If you are interested in a different size please let me know and we will adjust the pricing accordingly. Very fun!

This Thanksgiving board is a 1" x 6" board cut to 24" long.  (Exact measurements 5/8" x 5 3/8" x 24")

The board is painted brown with beige vinyl lettering. The vinyl alone is $6.50 or $12.00 for the completed board.

We made plaques for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The plaques both measure 8" x 8".  They are made from MDF.  The Thanksgiving plaque is painted chocolate brown with beige lettering. 

The Christmas plaque is painted Christmas red with white lettering.  During the Open House pricing, each of the plaques are $7.50 completed or $4.50 for the vinyl alone.  Both can be placed on a shelf, or hung on a wall.

I personally LOVE the definition art.  The forever in Love definition displayed here has been applied to 12x12 1/2"MDF.   The board is painted black and the vinyl displayed is beige.

We have many other definitions available.  All definitions cut to 12"x12" are $5.75 for the vinyl alone and $10.00 for the completed boards during the Open House.

I have many favorites as far as vinyl is concerned, but I think this will always be on my favorites list.  The vinyl is displayed in an 11x14 black frame with the backing removed.  The live, laugh, love quotes fit well in any home and the frame shown is a simple and easy way to put together your display.

During the Open House the vinyl alone is $5.75 and the completed frame is $11.50

Last for this post is our forget not tiles.  I gave a sneak peak on Facebook earlier this week and then someone asked if I could make a minor change.  Because of this, the final product does look a little different from the original picture.  In addition, in the next post I'll include a picture of the time with a flower added! The vinyl alone in 6" x 6" is $2.75 and for the 12" x 12" $5.50.  For completed tiles the price is $4.50 for the 6"x6" and $8.00 for the 12"x12"

Again, we have plenty of custom designs to choose from.  I can't possibly put everything online, but want to highlight items included created specifically for the open house.  Happy Shopping!

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  1. Hi there :) I'm not sure if I'm putting this in the right spot, but I can't find a way to contact you :/ I came across your blog on accident, but was surprised to stumble across my last name (Ogden) on wooden blocks!! I love them and am wondering if you have a website where I could purchase a set for Christmas '12. Please email me at Thanks so much!