Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Personal Progress Goody

For Easter we're giving the girls these little Easter baskets with candy.  I have TONS of scrapbook paper, so for me this was really easy to grab what I had on hand.  I know not everyone wants to take the time to make a little Easter basket, so I also made one and have a photo of just some candy and Easter grass in a cello bag.
Plain Cardstock Basket
Cello Bag with Tag

Originally I wanted to make the little Easter nests with Chinese noodles or Easter basket cupcakes.  The problem is we're leaving for Easter and I didn't want to be giving out stale treats.  There are so many options though.  I have included several sayings documents so there are lots to choose from.  If you did want to make the paper baskets, the directions are below.

Labels Pink Background
Labels Yellow Flower Border
Labels Small Plain
Labels Large Colored Background

For each basket I used:
1 - 6x6 piece of solid cardstock
1 - 1x6 piece of solid cardstock
4 - 1 3/4 x 1 3/4 pieces of patterned paper (optional)
1 - 1 3/4 x 6 piece of patterned paper (optional)

First, score your 6x6 piece of cardstock every 2".  It will look like a tic-tac-toe board.  I do have a scoring blade for my paper cutter.  However, I also have five kids.  This means at any given time I may be unable to locate the scoring blade.  This was the case while making the baskets. So, I used a pen cap and had my eight year old daughter score them for me, using the blade track for a guide.  You can use a ruler, or just fold the paper in thirds if that's what you have available.

If you are using patterned paper add it now.  One piece should be glued in each corner, the long strip glue on the long strip of cardstock.  This is completely optional.  I had several small scraps of the same patterned paper which is why I chose to use it.

Once the patterned paper is added, you will be cutting slits in the cardstock to make folds.  I forgot to take a photo of this.  Cut the TOP two scores to the first two inch line, and the BOTTOM two scores to the second two inch line.  You don't want to cut off the corners.  Look at the rest of the photos if you have any questions.
Next, glue the handle to the top middle piece.  You only want to glue it about 1/2" into the paper.  This will be making a handle for your basket.

When the glue has dried enough to hold the handle in place, fold one corner piece towards the handle.
If you want to make a "box" you can fold it all the way over.  I prefer to have it a little more open.  You'll be doing the same for the opposite side.  Hold the pieces together until the glue has had time to dry enough it won't open. 
(If it seems like it's taking a while to hold you may not have applied enough glue)

Once the side seems stable, turn the basket over and repeat on the opposite side.

I assembled all the baskets I was making, then applied the labels I had printed.  Then, of course, candy time!

I have made these larger before, with 12x12 paper or 9x9 paper.  For these handouts the 6x6 made a perfect size basket.  Enjoy!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Knowledge Value Experience #3

This is just another value experience reminder for Knowledge #3.  I made it look like an event ticket to go along with the idea that the girls have to go to some sort of performance or museum as part of the experience.  I really think it's important to let the girls know this can be a school performance also.  Some seem to get scared away feeling it has to be something on a larger scale.

These print three to a page.  When my husband saw these he thought it would be more appropriate to have Celestial Admission where the General Admission is.  I have made the change on the PDF, but haven't taken new photos, so in the meantime just know that your Young Women have the new and improved version of the handout and my poor young women don't.

Knowledge Value #3 Tickets

S'more Time with Personal Progress

We've been giving the girls some sort of Personal Progress reminder every week.  Sometimes it's just a little quote or note, and even just an invitation to our monthly Personal Progress activity.  Regardless, the girls have expressed so much gratitude and have been excessively excited to see the little basket arrive with goodies.

Why s'mores? We started planning for girls camp this week, which is probably what brought on the s'mores handout.  I thought about making the nutella s'mores, but was afraid they'd be a disaster before we arrived at church.  I opted for a homemade s'mores cereal bar instead.  They taste REALLY good, but don't quite have the appearance of a s'more.  You could always put the individual ingredients in a goody bag with the tag.  I am sure any young woman would not have a problem eating the marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker separately.  The other option would be to use your own s'more dessert recipe. I have seen many over the years, so be creative and enjoy!

S'more Time Handouts (Prints ten to a sheet)