Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Faith Value Experience #5 Activity Night

This activity was planned in our ward to help the girls work on Faith #5. We had two girls who were working on Virtue #4 because they had finished Faith #5, but I really feel any value that has to do with the atonement or repentance would work.

The girls started by making tiles with pictures of the Savior.  This took about fifteen minutes from start to finish.  I am including the gathering, passing out supplies and finishing the project.  As soon as they were done we introduced the rest of the activity, explaining who would be going where and making sure everyone had their books and their scriptures.

After instructions were given, we showed the Mormon Messages, Lifting Burdens. We used a projector and showed it from the laptop.  The clip is only about 3 and a half minutes long, but it was effective for getting everyone back on track for scripture reading.

The girls then went into groups to help with talking.  At each table they had certain scriptures (or For the Strength of the Youth for the virtue #4 girls) to read.  After they moved through the last table they went to another area to write in their journals. We had everyone read their own scriptures, so they could move to the next table as soon as they finished.  During the scripture reading we had music playing in the background to help keep the reverence.  All the songs we selected had to do with the Savior.

During the activity we had Personal Progress interviews taking place in the corner of the room.  As they set their new goals for the coming month we have the Personal Progress bucket with the little handouts for the various goals available.  This makes it really hard for anyone to come up with an excuse as to why they aren't working on Personal Progress.

For refreshments we had homemade Soft Pretzels.  We are one of those wards that has to do a treat that starts with a "P" for Personal Progress.  We had some with salt and some with cinnamon and sugar.   They were all gone by the time we left, so I take that as a sign they liked them.

Overall I felt like the evening went well and we have received a lot of positive feedback from the girls.  Hopefully this will help you and your girls also!

The tiles were really easy to make.  I purchased these at Lowes for $0.48/each.  The pictures of Christ were printed on an inkjet printer.  When I made the sample I didn't have Modge Podge so I used Elmer's glue.  It worked great so we used that for the activity also.  Remember the pictures are printed with an inkjet so the ink will bleed if it gets too wet. We had the girls apply the glue to the tile, place the picture on the tile and push the air bubbles out from the middle of the picture.  Next, applied a generous amount of glue with strokes moving horizontally to spread the glue evenly, then vertically.  Last, just the girls pressed down on the edges to make sure none of the torn edges were left uncovered.


  1. I love these tiles! What a great idea - what size tile did you use, and did you find the picture that you used online? Also, did you just tear around the edges of the picture? Thanks! Rebecca

  2. What is the size of the picture and tile?