Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Faith Value Experience #1

These are for our personal progress basket.  I pulled some rocks from our yard, (I live in Arizona, there are lots of rocks in my yard.), used vinyl lettering to write Prayer on each of the rocks.  I used the vinyl because I can, however, paint pens would work just as well, and if the girls are decorating their own, I would encourage using paint pens. For the bags I found some sticker sheets that had 45 stars on them.  This was enough to cover morning and evening prayers for the entire 3 weeks.  The stickers are under the rocks in the bags.  I also attached a card with the scriptures they have to read and the follow up.  There is a little calendar on the back of the card in case the girls choose to track their daily progress that way.

For the bags I printed conference talks.  I would prefer the girls find their own, but I also like to have everything they need right there.  I pulled from the following talks:

Richard G. Scott, The Transforming Power of Faith and Character, October 2010 Conference
Kevin W. Pearson, Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, April 2009 Conference
Richard C. Edgley, Faith - the Choice is Yours, October 2010 Conference
David A. Bednar, Ask in Faith, April 2008 Conference
Henry B. Eyring, A Living Testimony, April 2011 Young Women Broadcast

The cards I used suggested the girls use their stickers and prayer rock to track their progress.  I made some cards without the prayer rock blurb so you can use the card alone with the tracking sheet on the back if you wish.  The cards are designed to print front and back. One stop shopping at it's best!

Faith 1 Flower Card with Prayer Rock Reference
Faith 1 Stone Card with Prayer Rock Reference
Faith 1 Flower Card without Prayer Rock Reference
Faith 1 Stone Card without Prayer Rock Reference

My favorite part about this value experience is all of this can easily be adapted into an activity night.  It's also one that the girls who have completed this value experience can still participate.

For an activity I would recommend reading the scriptures together in small groups, and watching two of the conference talks together.  This is a great opportunity for those working on their honor bees to lead a small group in the scripture study or lead a discussion group after the videos.  To end the night everyone can make a prayer rock to take home and get started on their goal.  Have fun!


  1. I love your site it is so helpful!

  2. I would love to use this for our activity tonight but am having a hard time downloading your handouts. It brings to SCRIBD and says I need to pay for a membership in order to download. Is there anyway around this? Thanks!