Friday, February 18, 2011

Divine Nature Value Experience #4

Okay, so this one isn't as simple as cutting a page into fourths, but it isn't as hard as it looks either.

This is what it looks like from the front, It's a half sheet of landscape oriented cardstock folded in half to make an envelope.  I glued the top and bottom together so I could add the sacrament prayers inside for the girls to reference.

The back has a two week checklist for the girls to use while following up every day to remember what they are doing for the value experience.

 I have also included below a picture of the front, back and the scripture inserts together.  The envelope was printed on cardstock.  I printed the sacrament prayer inserts on plain copy paper, and mounted them on blue cardstock. I then tied a ribbon through just to add a finishing touch. That is definitely all extra cutesy stuff; EXCEPT, you do want to be sure the prayers are either long enough to stick out of the envelope a bit or tie with some sort of ribbon or string so they aren't lost in the envelope.

Again, the link will take you to Scripb for the PDF files.  There are two separate files, one for the envelope and one for the prayers.  The envelopes will print two to a sheet, and the prayers print four sets to a sheet.

Divine Nature Value Experience 4 Envelope

Divine Nature Value Experience 4 Inserts

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