Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fortune Cookies

These weren't the easiest Personal Progress reminder I've made, but these were definitely one of the funnest.  The cookies take a little while to make.  I planned on a few hours for this particular handout.  You could just as easily make an entire batch with the same fortune and place them in a bowl to pass around Young Womens.

The recipe is on my food blog.  
Fortune Cookie Recipe.

The tags are printed on plain paper and mounted on black cardstock for support.  The PDF file is below.

I included three cookies in the bag, one said, "Confucius says it is a good day to work on Personal Progress", the second had a quote about the divine nature of Young Women by President Hinckley, and the third contained a random quote from a general authority. You could easily create your own inserts to accommodate whatever you are making the cookies for.

Fortune-ate Tag Labels
Fortune Cookie Inserts

Friday, February 18, 2011

Divine Nature Value Experience #4

Okay, so this one isn't as simple as cutting a page into fourths, but it isn't as hard as it looks either.

This is what it looks like from the front, It's a half sheet of landscape oriented cardstock folded in half to make an envelope.  I glued the top and bottom together so I could add the sacrament prayers inside for the girls to reference.

The back has a two week checklist for the girls to use while following up every day to remember what they are doing for the value experience.

 I have also included below a picture of the front, back and the scripture inserts together.  The envelope was printed on cardstock.  I printed the sacrament prayer inserts on plain copy paper, and mounted them on blue cardstock. I then tied a ribbon through just to add a finishing touch. That is definitely all extra cutesy stuff; EXCEPT, you do want to be sure the prayers are either long enough to stick out of the envelope a bit or tie with some sort of ribbon or string so they aren't lost in the envelope.

Again, the link will take you to Scripb for the PDF files.  There are two separate files, one for the envelope and one for the prayers.  The envelopes will print two to a sheet, and the prayers print four sets to a sheet.

Divine Nature Value Experience 4 Envelope

Divine Nature Value Experience 4 Inserts

Divine Nature Value Experience 3

For Divine Nature Value Experience 3 we made magnets.  The template prints four to a page.  I cut them down and then made magnets for the girls to keep for a reminder while they are working on this experience.

The photo is a little dark because the flash was reflecting off the laminate part of the magnet - sorry!

We have a Xyron, so that is what I used to create the magnet back.  If you don't have access to something with that capability there are other options. Print the handout on cardstock and use the magnet rolls you get at craft stores and attach a piece of the strip to the back of the handout.
A little more expensive on an option is to print the handout and use magnet sheets from an office supply store.
Because the value experience is behavior based for a two week time period, the magnet has 16 day reminders that the young woman can cross off each day.  She can keep the magnet on the fridge at home to remind everyone she is working on this, or a personal magnet board.  At the end of the two weeks there is also a reminder to share what she has learned with a parent or leader.  Hope these are as helpful for another leader as they have been for us.

Again, the link to print the PDF file will take you to scribd.  Don't panic when you're navigated away from the blog. :)

Divine Nature Experience 3 Magnet Template

Divine Nature Value Experience 1

This is my first test to see if the PDF upload is working. Here is a little handout we made for Divine Nature value experience #1. This is one of those that's great to do at a mutual night because you can get everything done in one night.  BUT, what do you do with the girls who don't finish, and what about the girls who weren't there.  This is a great handout, with everything right there for the girls to quickly check and be sure they finish before Personal Progress interviews.  This will also be included in our "Things to work on" basket. 

They print four to a page, best to use cardstock for stability of the bookmark.

If you would like the PDF version of the file please click the link below.  I use scripd to upload the PDF, so don't be alarmed when you navigate to their website.  It's all good! :)

Divine Nature Value Exp 1 Bookmarks

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vinyl Name Blocks

These are some cute vinyl name blocks we made for a baby shower gift.  Because of the red & black ladybug theme of the baby's room we chose red paint with black lettering.  You can really work with any color room. by choosing a different color paint for the wood.  Pink blocks with chocolate brown vinyl, Pastel blocks with white vinyl...just use your imagination.

The block is just a 2x4 cut down to 12", but could be made any size.  
$0.50 for the vinyl only, $5.25 for the wood & vinyl kit, $7.50  completed project

  The individual blocks are all made from 2x4 and 2x3 pieces of wood.  The individual letters can be customized.   
$0.50 a letter for the vinyl only, $0.95 each for the wood and vinyl kit, $1.40 each letter completed project

Personal Progress Reminders

It's really easy in your callings to go overboard, but it's also very easy to avoid doing anything extra.  Like it or not, kids, youth, and even a lot of the adults, enjoy getting a little something every once in a while.  I've been working on some Personal Progress reminders for the Young Women in our ward.

Woohoo!  I can upload the PDFs, so I have included the links below...just a reminder you will be navigated away to scripd to download the PDF documents if  you are interested in copying these.

This is a package of microwave popcorn, one 1/2 sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock and I printed four of the words to a page.
Wrap the cardstock around the popcorn, tape in the back
Cut the printed saying down to size with a paper trimmer & mount on the cardstock. I must have deleted the file for this sorry I will recreate it soon!

I found the ruler pencils at a dollar bin the beginning of the school year.  I have heard others looking for them for teacher gifts that they sell them at Oriental Trading.  Another suggestion would be to attach the saying to a small ruler instead of a pencil. The handouts were printed on cardstock. We used a standard hole punch to make holes for the pencil.  Be careful not to push the pencil through to quickly or it will rip the carstock.

Inch by Inch Pencil or Ruler Handout

Hot Tamales were on sale at the grocery store which is what inspired this handout.  The saying was printed three to page on 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock.  I used glue dots to hold the candy in place, then folded the edges over to make like an envelope for the candy.  I used tape to hold the back closed figuring the girls will probably try to open them before they're in the parking lot anyway. (We have the 1:00 p.m. block)

Personal Progress is Hot Stuff

And last for today is another pencil. This is just a standard pencil.  These cards were printed six to a sheet and then cut down. Again, I used a hole punch to make holes for the pencils.

I have found if I make several handouts and keep them in bags in the closet I don't have to worry about having time the day I really want something.

Pencil in Time Personal Progress Handout

Happy Personal Progress!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2011 Mutual Theme Boards

Here is another great subway art project.  This one is based off the 2011 Mutual Theme, the 13th Article of Faith.  We have also made some for the 11 year old girls who are coming into Young Womens this year.  As part of their Faith in God they will be memorizing the 13th Article of Faith and this is a fun piece of art for them to hang in their room while memorizing.

I used some 1/4" plywood boards we had from a previous project, but 1/4" MDF would work great.  The boards are 12" wide and 14" tall. There are 2 holes drilled at the top for the ribbon.  The white board was spray painted with my favorite Krylon spray paint, but the purple is painted with a basic acrylic paint I purchased at a craft store.

This vinyl would also look great on a 12 x 12 tile.  It is available in black, white, tan, chocolate brown, cherry red, or deep red vinyl.


Vinyl sticker only 
Single - $6.00     Set of 3 - $12.00

Do-it-yourself kit with plywood piece, vinyl sticker & ribbon
Single - $8.50     Set of 4 - $26.00

Completed 2011 Theme Board
Single - $12.00     Set of 4 - $40.00

Please contact me directly to purchase.

2011 Primary Theme Blocks

I am finally posting some of our projects for those who may be interested.  We made these for an entire ward primary group and they turned out darling!

The wood we used was a basic 2x4 cut down to 3 1/2" squares.  We roughly sanded the edges then applied spray paint.  Krylon has a great spray paint available at Home Depot that usually only takes one coat.  LOVE IT!!!  For smaller projects basic acrylic paint works great.

The vinyl is a 3 1/4" square. All the blocks I have completed thus far have been white vinyl, however, a black vinyl would look great on most of the lighter colors of paint if you prefer black lettering.

Because these were distributed to an entire ward primary, we did package these in the cheap cello party bags from Walmart and tied them with a ribbon.  This helped prevent the gifts turning into building blocks before the children returned to their parents after sharing time.


Vinyl sticker only 
Single - $0.75     Set of 4 - $1.50

Do-it-yourself kit with sanded wood block & vinyl sticker
Single - $1.25     Set of 4 - $4.00

Completed 2011 Theme Block
Single - $2.00     Set of 4 - $6.00

Please contact me directly to purchase.