Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Personal Progress Reminders

I'm excited to share some new personal progress reminders.  I've posted a lot with little treats before, but the girls in our ward don't always get a little treat.  Sometimes it's one of the girls sharing, and sometimes a little quote or thought they can throw in their scriptures.  I have a few of both this time.  I know you are all quite capable of putting your own quote in some clipart, but for the days you don't have time here are some resources for you.

On a side note...all of the examples I show in my photos have been printed in fast draft.  I love making things for our girls, but the reality is I cannot afford to print everything with photo quality ink each week.  I have an HP photosmart printer, so I know fast draft may not work for everyone, but if you try and you like it... Sometimes my printer gets tired, and you can probably tell a couple of these were printed in fast draft.  I, however, will not lose sleep over it.

I hope each of you find something fun to use in your individual organizations!

What are your dreams?

This is a great quote from an article in the New Era, Five Reasons to Love Personal Progress by Jan Pinborough. I have another handout with a quote from the same article that will hopefully be up in the next few days.

Take Time Handout

This one prints eight to a page.  I punch a hole in the left corner and tied it to some party favor watches I picked up at Walmart.

How to Eat an Elephant Handout

I'm not sure how exactly I stumbled on this article, but I got the idea for the handout after reading an article on the church website, How to Eat an Elephant - Or Plan Your Life (As the Case May Be).  Hmmm...this could end up being a cute theme for a New Beginnings night. They print four to a page.

 Life Saver Handout

I used peppermint lifesavers just because the white life savers look more like life preservers to me.  The life savers are attached with glue dots.  I did fold one end of the wrapper in a bit so it wasn't covering too much of the message.  These print nine to a page.
Step by Step Reminder

This is a quote from Mary N. Cook, from her talk in the April 2010 conference, Never, Never, Never Give Up.  The handouts print six to a sheet.

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