Monday, December 16, 2013

On the twelfth week of Christmas...

On the twelfth week of Christmas it's buy one get one 60% off.  You know the jargon.  Your discounted item is of equal or lesser value.  And yes, you can play the game the way we do at the shoe many discounts as you'd like.

Again, there is no limitation on how many discounts you can use or on any of the product we sell.
This offer is good through Friday, December 20th.  Because of our closing two weeks for Christmas, there is a good chance you will not receive any orders placed this week until after the new year.  Anything we can complete, or have already in stock, we are happy to have available for you before our holiday closing.

 Please note we will be closed for the Christmas holiday between Friday, December 20th and Thursday, January 2nd.  We are happy to take orders during those two weeks, however, we will not be processing anything until after the new year.

We hope you are having a wonderful holiday season so far!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

On the Eleventh week of Christmas...

Christmas is approaching so quickly, but I haven't still finished decorating for the holidays.  I've heard I'm not the only one though.  After many conversations with friends and customers I am finding I'm not the only one running a little behind this season.  So to help you finish your decorating, give you a few ideas for your last minute holiday shopping.

For the eleventh week of Christmas spend $25 and get ANY sign or BLOCK for 40% off.  And as I have already been asked, you can use this multiple times.

Here are some of our new favorite additions.  We have some cute custom pieces finishing up this week we'll try to post pictures of also.

From one of our favorite Christmas classics, The Polar Express, This sign is approximately 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" and is approximately 1 1/2" deep making it free standing to sit nicely on a shelf or table.

One of the other reindeer is looking for someone to play reindeer games with today.  This block is approximately 5 1/2" x 11" (excluding the reindeer) and is approximately 1 1/2" deep.  It is also free standing.  The block is colonial red with beige vinyl.  Because we are unable to purchase any more of the reindeer attachment, there is a limited quantity available.

One of our amazing customers asked for this sign and WE LOVE IT.

For all of our elf filled houses, this is a great door decor or looks so cute hanging in your home.  It is 8" x 12" with matching ribbon.  The wood is painted white and the vinyl is red and lime green.

These last two are both 6"x12".  These were last minute additions for a boutique that have been requested over and over again!

We have had requests to make some of these larger. Please contact us directly if you are interested in different sizes, but don't wait too long.  And yes, the 40% off is for ALL signs and blocks no matter if it is a custom size.

As the holidays are rapidly approaching, all holiday orders which need to be shipped will need to be placed by Friday, December 13th so we can ship them Monday, December 16th.

We are happy to take orders after that point, but we cannot guarantee they will be shipped in time to arrive for the holidays.

We hope you are all enjoying festivities and Christmas preparations with your loved ones.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

We are so grateful to be able to spend this day with family and friends.  We hope those of you who stop by are enjoying your day with family and friends also.  The list of things we are thankful for is lengthy, but we'll share our top three.

1. Our Father in Heaven who has blessed us with so many things and for the capacity to deal with the challenges we face.

2. Those who sacrifice their time with family and friends to defend our country and our freedoms.

3. Our family and friends who have blessed us in so many ways we can't list them all.

We have been blessed in so many ways and are especially blessed with the interactions we have with each of you.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Monday, November 25, 2013

On the Ninth Week of Christmas...

We are well aware it is Thanksgiving week and want to show how grateful we are for the real reason we have Christmas.  For the ninth week of Christmas we have this some of our favorite nativities on sale.  Sale prices are good through Saturday, November 30th. 

 Sale Prices

12"x32"  -  $16
9"x24" - $11
6"x16" - $7

Sale Prices

12"x24"  -  $13
10"x20" - $11
8"x16" - $8
6"x12" - $6


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I can get my sign for free?

Yes, that is right, you can get your sign for free.  How, you ask...

We have had several people who have taken our binders and signs to their workplaces to share with their friends and we love the response we get every time this happens.  Well, as the holidays are closing in, we have a way for you to get your favorite signs for free.

Here's what you do.

1. Schedule 1 - 5 days to have an "open house."  We can actually have an open house in your home, or we can have an open house where you take some of our binders and a few of your favorites signs in different sizes to your home or work and have what would be called by others as a "catalog party."

2. Turn the orders and payments to us at the end of the scheduled period.  If you want to have this in your break room at work, you may want to schedule a whole five days.  If you want to have an open house at your home, you may want to only schedule 1 or 2.

3. Choose something you want as a thank you for your efforts.  As long as your open house reaches at least $100 in sales, easy peasy, right?  You get 20% in free product.  So, for that $100 your friend's order, you can have a $20 sign for free.  The sign you want is $21.50, you say?  That's fine, the credit is applied and you can pay the difference.  There's no limit, no restrictions, and if there are any specials going on you and your guests are eligible for those also.

So, what's so special if this is something you can do at any time?  For every $150 your open house sells you also can purchase any item for 50% off IF you schedule a date or dates before Saturday.  Now, we don't mean you have to have the open house before Saturday, to be eligible for the 1/2 price items you need to schedule the date(s) before Saturday, and hold your Open House before the end of February 2014.

All of these can be applied to custom orders also, and there's no limit.

Hmmm....but that is not all.  For everyone who contacts us before the end of day Saturday, to take advantage of this great deal, you will be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift certificate.  Oh, and did we mention you can use that at your own open house towards your open house totals?  How great is that? We told you that you wouldn't want to miss out on this one!

Monday, November 18, 2013

On the Eighth week of Christmas...

On the eighth week of Christmas we're going to think a little about Thanksgiving.  We made some fun Thanksgiving boards that actually have been making there way onto our kitchen gift list.  They make a great hostess gift if you are visiting friends or family for the holiday and are neutral enough to stay up all year round.  

This week only they are 40% off. As always they come with wall hangers.  Any mail orders will be shipped within 48 hours of when payment is received.  Because of this I recommend Paypal for anything that isn't local, and acting fast.  Any local orders will available for pickup within 48 hours of when your order is placed.

The sign above is shown in Espresso with beige and gold vinyl.  The sign to the right is shown in Colonnial Red with beige and gold vinyl.  This sign is also available in Beige paint with Chocolate Brown vinyl for the words and Dark Red vinyl for the leaves.

If you are new to our site, the signs are made on 1/2" pressed wood boards making them lighter than MDF and sturdier.

We can do custom colors for this sign, but it may delay the delivery time depending on paint and vinyl color availability.

And just when you thought it couldn't get better....we also have our fall tiles 35% off. These also make great hostess gifts and are an easy but classy way to add festiveness to your home decor.

Last but not least, we have this years new arrivals on sale for 25% off.

Again, all orders placed now until Saturday, November 23rd will be available for pickup within 48 hours or if you are a long distance customer, they will be shipped within 48 hours of when payment is received. If you are interested in different colors or sizes, please contact me via email so we can try to make arrangements to have your order out as soon as possible.

Now, for those who made it to the end of the post....check back midweek...we have a surprise special that will be available November 20th - 23rd only.  Trust me, you don't want to miss this one.


Monday, November 4, 2013

On the sixth week of Christmas...all Teacher gifts on sale.

What a better way to get some of your holiday shopping done then to pick up your teacher gifts now?  All our teacher gifts are on sale!

Our pencil stands are an all time favorite.  Personalize with your child's school name and colors or our standard #2 Pencils for a #1 Teacher is a great way to go.

These pencils stands measure approximately 2 1/2" high, 1 1/2" deep and 11" wide.  They hold 8 pencils. (not included)

All items are handcrafted at the time your order is placed. 

If you would like to include pencils with your order please add $1.00

Our Keep Calm Teacher signs is shown 8x12 here. 

Our door hangers measure approximately 5 1/2" - 6" square and can be customized with teacher names, school logos and colors. 

Because the signs are handcrafted you can order any signs in a different size.

Teaching we don't do it for the income is another 8x12 sign, and Home Sweet Classroom measures 8x16.

Remember, all signs can be customized or adjusted in size.

Our good teacher sign is shown here as an 8x8.

It is on wood so it can be hung or placed on a display stand.  It also looks great as a 12x12 or 16x16 wall plaque.  All sizes are on sale this week only.

Our teacher photo boards are always a hit around the holidays.  The stand measures approximately 1 1/2" tall, 8" wide and 2 1/2" deep.  Painted black with beige vinyl.  A magnet will be included with the board. 

Personalized name blocks are approximately 5" tall, 1 1/2" deep and this one measures about 11" wide.  The width may vary based on the length of the name and title.  You can include a room number, subject, or anything fun in place of the title.

There are so many other signs to choose from. 

And again, if you want a different size please contact me, ALL teacher gifts are on sale this week.

Last but not least, don't forget about classroom vinyl.  Any personalized classroom vinyl is 25% off this week.  Contact me directly for pricing quote and reference TEACHERSRULE in your communication.

What a great way to show your teacher you appreciate him/her.  Or better yet, you are a teacher and want to update your classroom.  Lots of options with this one.

These prices will remain in effect until Saturday, November 9th, 2013.

We can't wait to hear from you!

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Monday, October 28, 2013

On the fifth week of Christmas no tricks just treats...

All this week spend $20 and buy ANY 8x12 sign for $5. Orders need to be placed by Saturday, November 2nd. You don't want to miss out on this one!

Monday, October 21, 2013

On the fourth week of Christmas it's a Thanksgiving treat...

I love fall.  I love the changing leaves, the briskness of the air, and of course football.  But alas, now that I live in Arizona fall actually means my kids are still wearing shorts to school and we are starting to plant our garden.  That doesn't stop me from pretending, however.  I'll convince myself I need a sweatshirt at the high school football games, I'll buy bushels of apples to convince myself it's harvest season, and you'll find pumpkins inside and outside the house.

One thing that doesn't change, however, is one of my favorite reasons for enjoying the fall and that is Thanksgiving.  I am a big believer that gratitude is necessary every day of the year, not just on the day we give thanks with family, friends, and of course one very fat turkey.  One way to help start this habit is with this great craft I found that has become our forth week of Christmas special. The inspiration came from a post on Sharp Moms if you'd like to see the original.  The project was a bit more time consuming than I had originally planned, so the cost to buy this completed is a little more than I like to charge.  So, with this week's special, we have come up with a way you can have it even if you don't want to spend the full price. We will be also selling the kit to make the project on your own, OR, if you need to have someone keep you on task, my home will be open three different times for you to Do It Yourself.

Here is our Give Thanks board.  It is 18" x 24" and is shown in Espresso paint with Nut Brown vinyl.  There are 30 envelopes on the board.  There is also matching vinyl with the days of the month for each envelope. The idea behind this is starting November 1st, you write something you are grateful for on the sheet of paper.  Our plan is inspired by the original post where they also keep this year's paper in the envelopes and next year read what we wrote the previous year before adding their new note.  The completed board sells for $42.  You can purchase it this week only for $35.

As promised, you can also purchase the kit which will include the coin envelopes, board and vinyl for $16.  If you would like to come and make it at a DIY workshop you will also have available for you the scrapbook paper, paint and good company.  You will need to bring your own paper adhesive and it is recommended you bring your own paper cutter.  I have a couple, but it may mean waiting.

If you do order the kit please specify your color choice for your vinyl.  The Nut Brown is shown cut.  I also have shown the rolls of chocolate brown and beige, but you can specify a different color.  Please also specify if you prefer the print or script font in your  email.

For those who would like to take advantage of the DIY workshop, we will have that available at my home in Yuma, Wednesday, October  23rd, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm, Thursday, October 24th, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm or Monday, October 29th, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm.  You will need between 90 minutes and 2 hours to finish this project.
 Don't miss out!  If you would like to have this board by November 1st you need to place your order by Saturday, October 26th, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Lancaster customers, you can have it shipped, OR, if you are willing to wait until November 2nd they can be picked up that afternoon with no shipping required.

Monday, October 14, 2013

On the Third Week of Christmas...

Our third week of Christmas specials is Buy one holiday item get the second of equal or lesser value for 40% off.  Yes, you read that correctly, 40% off!  Don't miss this one.  Good until Saturday, October 19th!

Monday, September 30, 2013

On the first week of Christmas...

I know we don't want to think about it yet, but only twelve weeks until Christmas! 

Get excited though, because we have specials EVERY week until then. On the first week of Christmas we are bringing you 25% off ANY personalized item. 

What could I possibly get this week, you ask? This is a great week to buy that family name sign you have always wanted, or the personalized vinyl your daughter wants for her bedroom door. School teacher gifts? Why yes, now's a great time to buy your personalized teacher gifts for Christmas. We have some darling signs and pencil holders with teacher names on them which make them 25% off. 
Scrabble Letter Blocks
Change "BABY" to the baby's name to make this personalized!

One of our best sellers!  LOVE!

The first week of Christmas sale is the perfect time to think Christmas ornaments!

One of our most popular family established boards.  Personalize the colors too!
Event Plaques

One of our most popular wedding gift tiles.


Our first week of Christmas special is good through Saturday, October 5th, so don't miss out!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Preview Party 2013

Finally!  I know this took forever.  I can't complain though, it's been a busier than normal vinyl week and for that I am grateful.  It is so fun meeting with everyone and helping all your great ideas come to life.

This isn't going to be a fancy post, simply photos and prices.  I will include another post with a pricing worksheet that you can reference as needed if you want something a little different than in the photo.  PLEASE MESSAGE ME if you want a different color, style, anything.  We are really flexible and want to be sure you absolutely LOVE your final product and that it works great with your style and decor.

Have fun shopping our Preview Party and remember, because these photos are so late ALL customers can receive the Preview Party 15% discount on orders placed by Friday, September 20th.  Lancaster orders will be available for pickup Saturday, September 28th.  Yuma orders will be available by Tuesday, October 1st.  All orders to be shipped will be in the mail by Monday, September 30th.

Everyone loves looking forward to the next event, whether it's a birthday, a trip, even just a night out.  These countdown blocks were designed for someone with Americana colors throughout their home.  The paper used to decorate the blocks is personalized.  The blocks are 3 1/2" square and will countdown from 30+ days.  The bottom block is chalkboard so you can erase as the events change.  We will also me doing a Make & Take Saturday for this one during our 12 weeks until Christmas event.  Keep watching!

This is one of my Halloween favorites.  It is shown here as a 6x12 plaque, white paint, black vinyl.    Other colors are available.  This sign also looks great in 8x16 or 10x20.

The Home of the Wicked Witch signs are a seasonal favorite this year.  These are shown here in 12x24.

The pumpkin face blocks are approximately 3 1/2" square and can be used to add a little holiday spirit to any room.

It's not a holiday without some subway art.  And what speaks more about Halloween than lots of sugary treats?  This 12x24 sign is shown in black paint with orange vinyl.  We do not make this particular sign smaller than 8x16.

The Keep Calm and Trick or Treat sign is 8x12.It is also available in 12x16 for $14.50 or 16x24 for $24.00

As always, if you prefer a size not mentioned, or different colors than we have displayed, please contact us.  We will work with you as much as possible to be sure your signs and vinyl fit your personality and decor.

Fall is amazing and Thanksgiving seems to top the season.  We featured three signs at our Preview Party.  Two as part of our Keep Calm series.  Both are 8x12.    The Keep Calm Gobble On sign is shown with brown paint and beige vinyl and the Gather Here Give Thanks sign is shown in cinnamon paint and chocolate vinyl.

We also have our Happy Fall Ya'all multi-color sign.  It is 8x16 and is shown with brown paint, beige, lime green, sunflower and nut brown vinyl.

The Give Thanks Door Tags are not given justice in this photo.  These are designed to hang on a door in place of a holiday wreath.  They are approximately 7"x18" and hang with hemp. They will move when hung so we have an option to have a permanent piece of wood attached to the back to keep them lined up as pictured.  We do this for no additional charge. If you would like the piece of wood added please let us know when you order.

Our Preview Party would not be complete without including some of our favorite teacher gifts.  

Our pencil holders have been a huge hit this year.  They are cute and practical and are very inexpensive. 

No matter if you are purchasing the kit or the finished product, you will need to include your own pencils.  We made some with the school name for our secretaries and my big tip is give them pens.  They really have no need for all these pencils, but have a difficult time keeping pens around with all the traffic at their desks.  This gift is a guaranteed winner.

 Another Keep Calm sign that has become a customer favorite.  This is also shown in 8x12.

The 5 1/2" door hangers are shown in the traditional red, black and white, but we have also done these with school colors and mascots in the background instead of apples...

This is vinyl multi-tasking at it's best.  I suppose we could have included these reversible blocks with the Thanksgiving vinyl also.  The blocks are approximately 3 1/2" wide and range in size from 4 1/4" - 5 3/4".  The "give"/"bells" block is approximately 2 1/2" tall and 7 1/2" wide.  One side includes the Christmas letters/word and the other side for Thanksgiving. 

This probably shouldn't be included as a preview because it is a returning favorite and is once again topping the order list.  Anyone who has children needs this sign.  It's a great way to warn the children they need to stay out now more than ever.  It also works well to keep adults from barging in and ruining their Christmas surprises.  The sign is approximately 5 1/2" square.

The ribbon may be different than what is pictured, but will be festive and appropriate.  If you prefer to have a more neutral color scheme to use this sign year round, please contact me directly.

We have also had a request to change this up a bit to "Napping in Progress"  LOVE IT!!!!

We are finally to my favorite addition for the Christmas season.  The sign is 10x20 and is shown in black paint with beige vinyl.  You can choose larger, 12x24 or smaller, 8x16 or even 6x12.

Feeling crafty?  Purchase the vinyl only or the wood and vinyl kit to make it yourself.

We loved the silhouette look on this so much we added another sign with the same saying and silhouette in a different direction.  You can always choose different colors and fonts to suit your style.  Our red with black vinyl is shown on an 8x12 plaque.

Because we make each piece to order, you can customize your color choice to match the seasonal decor in your home.  What a great gift for your family and friends to remind each of us of the true meaning of the season.

We made this for a special request and it soon became a holiday favorite last year.  Once again, by special request we are bringing it back for the 2013 season.  It started out as the 8x20 on the left without a star.  This size works well for many people.  It is shown in a true blue with white vinyl.

We have also had requests for this with a star. The words are spaced a little further apart, but it carries the same tree look and feel with the Christmas message.  The sign displayed is burgundy with beige vinyl. It is shown on a 8x24" board. We have also made this larger with some slight alterations on a 12x32" board for some larger wall spaces and it looks beautiful. This is a sign I think is particularly gorgeous on stained wood.

 Of course, there's a great deal of frolicking and fun to be had also.  I'm not above bribery or threats in my house, which is apparent by our That's It!  Featured on an 8x12 sign.

We are also featuring our Santa-tizer hand sanitizer, another great teacher or office gift.

This years Christmas subway art is a little different in size.  It is shown on a Colonial Red board with white vinyl, 16x12.  A fun and festive art piece that is traditional in color, yet just modern enough to bring the best of both together.

12x 12 tiles make an amazing impact to any home decor.  So many homes have a tile displayed year round, that incorporating a holiday tile is a simple way to change your decor with minimal effort.   You can also purchase this in wood instead of tile for the same price.  For tile, you can purchase this in 16x16. If you prefer a different size in wood, please contact me directly. 

We have two of our classic nativities back for our Preview Party.  The rustic wood nativity is approximately 7" tall and 3" wide and our etched glass nativity is on 5"x7" glass standing in on a 8" wide stand.  The wood is black with gold vinyl.

Christmas ornaments are also a great way to celebrate the holidays with gift giving.  Our monogrammed snowflake is shown here in a flattened plastic ornament approximately 3 1/2" in diameter.

*Our ornaments are typically glass. Each year we are usually able to order some in plastic from our suppliers.  Please let me know if you have a preference and we will do our best to accommodate.

Do you have a family theme you'd prefer?  Talk to us.  We will work with you to customize your family's ornaments.

 Back once again by popular demand are our Mickey ornaments.  These are two colors and also are shown here on a flattened glass ornament approximately 3 1/2" in diameter.

Again, our ornaments are typically glass. Each year we are usually able to order some in plastic from our suppliers.  Please let me know if you have a preference and we will do our best to accommodate.

Reindeer names are festive and fun, and what child doesn't become excited when they hear Rudolph's name mentioned around Christmas?  The sign displayed is 6x12"

This is another great sign that can be enlarged to 8x16, 10x20 or 12x24. If you have any questions about sizing in the space you are decorating, please contact us.  We are happy to work through what will work best in your home or office, and most signs can be altered slightly to accommodate your space needs.

Our Joy Tree is shown in 12x24, and Christmas Cheer is shown as an 8x12. Again, these can be purchased in different sizes or if you'd prefer to finish the product yourself you are welcome to purchase the vinyl only or the DIY vinyl and wood kit.

A preview sale would not be complete without some gifts you can give to be used year round.  Our double wall insulated cups are 24 ounces, and come with a straw for cold drinks and a slider on the lid to sip for hot drinks.  They are top rack dishwasher safe and are available in magenta, red, purple, sky blue, lime green and orange while supplies last.  We are unable to purchase this particular cup any more, so this is not one to wait on.  The cups can be personalized as shown here or we have some superhero, mother, father and teacher cup ideas on the blog from previous events.

We love our No Soliciting tile. What a cute way to simple say, please go away.  My husband insists we change our cookie of preference to Samoas, so we will leave that option available for everyone. This is shown in a 12x12 tile, but can always be made on a 16x16 or wood.

We'll be honest.  We loved this as a tile, and a few of you have felt the same, but this quote has been ordered more as custom wall art since we've made this tile than on a tile.  We love that so many of you have chosen to have it written on your walls instead, and want to remind all our customers that is always an option.

We always have some fun silly signs that seem to fit our various personalities.  Our Nice normal family is shown on a nutmeg painted board with black vinyl, and is 8x12. The Loose Interpretation of Clean is on 10x12 multi-color on sage green with beige and brown vinyl.  These are always fun quotes to customize your size, colors and fonts to your personality and style.

Some of the greatest dramatic changes you can make to your decor can be as simple as adding vinyl wall art and you will have the look of a custom painted art piece.  Be creative.  These book shelves shown on our owl tree were worked directly into the room design by adding book shelves on wall studs over the tree branches.  Contact us for pricing.  Installation is also available for those of you who are nervous about hanging your own vinyl.

For some reason washing machine vinyl has become a new favorite of mine.  I love some of these quotes that you can place on your wall, or directly on your washing machine!  Lots of fun and a great way to show your personality even if you a short on wall space.

Again, please contact us with any questions.  Preview Party discounts remain intact until Friday, September 20th.  All orders placed by then will receive a 15% discount.  The prices shown here are guaranteed through the 2013 Holiday season.  We have several color options, and we welcome your custom requests!

Contact us at or come by and see us on facebook, Andvinyltoo.

Have a great day!