Monday, September 30, 2013

On the first week of Christmas...

I know we don't want to think about it yet, but only twelve weeks until Christmas! 

Get excited though, because we have specials EVERY week until then. On the first week of Christmas we are bringing you 25% off ANY personalized item. 

What could I possibly get this week, you ask? This is a great week to buy that family name sign you have always wanted, or the personalized vinyl your daughter wants for her bedroom door. School teacher gifts? Why yes, now's a great time to buy your personalized teacher gifts for Christmas. We have some darling signs and pencil holders with teacher names on them which make them 25% off. 
Scrabble Letter Blocks
Change "BABY" to the baby's name to make this personalized!

One of our best sellers!  LOVE!

The first week of Christmas sale is the perfect time to think Christmas ornaments!

One of our most popular family established boards.  Personalize the colors too!
Event Plaques

One of our most popular wedding gift tiles.


Our first week of Christmas special is good through Saturday, October 5th, so don't miss out!

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