Sunday, April 17, 2011

Knowledge Value Experience #3

This is just another value experience reminder for Knowledge #3.  I made it look like an event ticket to go along with the idea that the girls have to go to some sort of performance or museum as part of the experience.  I really think it's important to let the girls know this can be a school performance also.  Some seem to get scared away feeling it has to be something on a larger scale.

These print three to a page.  When my husband saw these he thought it would be more appropriate to have Celestial Admission where the General Admission is.  I have made the change on the PDF, but haven't taken new photos, so in the meantime just know that your Young Women have the new and improved version of the handout and my poor young women don't.

Knowledge Value #3 Tickets


  1. I just found your site and I am very excited about it! Please keep these ideas coming. I am the PP specialist and need all the ideas to get my YW excited about PP that I can find.

  2. do I have to subscribe and pay for a subscription to be able to download and print these?

  3. I LOVE these! I got called to be the PP advisor in our ward this summer... I'm supposed to remind the girls once a month to work on PP with a small "incentive", and I've been trying to highlight an experience they can work on that goes with the value theme for the month in a fun and creative way. PP should be fun! I always thought it was SOOOO boring. These will be PERFECT in a few months when Knowledge comes around. Thanks so much. Pinned and waiting. :)