Sunday, April 17, 2011

S'more Time with Personal Progress

We've been giving the girls some sort of Personal Progress reminder every week.  Sometimes it's just a little quote or note, and even just an invitation to our monthly Personal Progress activity.  Regardless, the girls have expressed so much gratitude and have been excessively excited to see the little basket arrive with goodies.

Why s'mores? We started planning for girls camp this week, which is probably what brought on the s'mores handout.  I thought about making the nutella s'mores, but was afraid they'd be a disaster before we arrived at church.  I opted for a homemade s'mores cereal bar instead.  They taste REALLY good, but don't quite have the appearance of a s'more.  You could always put the individual ingredients in a goody bag with the tag.  I am sure any young woman would not have a problem eating the marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker separately.  The other option would be to use your own s'more dessert recipe. I have seen many over the years, so be creative and enjoy!

S'more Time Handouts (Prints ten to a sheet)

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