Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Choice & Accountability Value Experience 4

Since this value experience talks about repentance I decided to use an eraser.  I found the white erasers with a paper cover at Walmart 2/$1.00.  They are the store generic "office" brand.  (The package is in the back of the photo) The template will fit perfectly around their erasers.  If you have another size eraser you'd like to use let me know and I can adjust the handout for you.  I printed the sheet on cardstock, it prints nine to a page.

The lines are extremely faint on the printed page.  I did this so there wouldn't be any stress about lining them up on the edges perfectly.  If you line up one of the wide sides to the eraser and fold from there I don't think you'll have any problems.  The Choice & Accountability 4 end will fold over the bottom of the eraser cover and I glued it together with a good old fashioned glue stick.

These turned out better than I hoped!

Choice & Accountability 4 Eraser Covers

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