Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Choice & Accountability 2 and Divine Nature 6 Doorhangers

I try my hardest to come up with something original for each value experience, but some things are just worth repeating.
Our Stake Young Women President made a comment at our stake meeting about birthday door hangers that made me think to make these.
Choice & Accountability 2

Divine Nature 6

The girls have commented that having their calendar checklists somewhere visible to help keep them on track with the two and three week values is really helpful.  We couldn't think of a better way than having it on her door every time she walks in and out of her room.One of the young women I showed these to asked if I'd make more.  Hopefully I'll be done with that project by the end of the week.

For the two I have made already, the link for the file on scribd is beneath the individual photos of the door hangers on the one of the girl's doors. The door hangers print two to a page with easy line guides for cutting.

Hope your young women find them as helpful as ours!


  1. I just stumbled across your blog, and have to say I LOVE this idea. Hope you won't mind if I copy ya, and do something similar for my gals!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Please copy! :) We are in the process of moving all our documents, but if you want me to e-mail the files to you in the mean time, I am more than happy to do so. If you want to edit them they are in word, or I can e-mail over the PDF files so you don't have to worry about fonts.

  3. I just stumbled upon this post and I am in LOVE with the door hangers. I was wondering if I could get the door hangers emailed to me as a PDF?? My email is burt.sasha@gmail.com
    I am so excited about this!!!!