Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Classroom Vinyl

With all the wonderful things I associate with fall, one of them has always been back to school.  This is really just a memory now as with the evolution of school and living in Arizona, we start school here while it is still over 110 degrees outside.  That is hardly a fall feeling in the air.  With that in mind, I am posting my Classroom vinyl pictures separate from our fall highlights.  I am a huge fan of vinyl on the walls.  I love the neatness and in the classroom I feel it adds an element of professionalism.  These photos are from my husband's classroom.  He is not the decorator in the family, so I had the opportunity to have plenty of wall space at my disposal.  Most teachers will have to opt for designs slightly smaller, but the ideas are there.

This is obviously the front of the room.  Because there is a screen that is pulled down, we decided to use quotes that would be visible on either side even with the screen in place.  On the dry erase board is a grid for daily objectives.  The vinyl holds up a lot better than painters tape (which I have seen in many classrooms) and it looks great!

Because the paint color reminded us of the old chalkboards, we stuck with a light yellow and white vinyl for these.  We used a series of quotes and formulas to add some personality to the area
Vinyl isn't just for the walls.  This vinyl was applied directly to file folders to make pockets for missed assignments.  It will hold up all year, not like the glued printed paper that results in curled corners about a month into the school year.
This is the back wall of the classroom.  Honestly, these vinyl sayings are quite large.  To keep it affordable for others asking for the same thing, all the symbols you see on the left were cut closely together and randomly placed on the wall.

Last, but not least, the door to his classroom. LOVE the way this looks when you are coming in and walking down the hall. It's amazing how a little vinyl can make such a big statement.
Below I am including some closeup photos of the quotes and formulas. I know you want some for your classroom! Because I come from a home full of educators, any vinyl you want for your classroom is 25% off.  That's right.  We know you already spend much of your small paycheck for your kids and your classroom, so we want to give you the best deal possible.   Contact me if you'd like more information on decorating your classroom. - Jana

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