Thursday, March 10, 2011

Knowledge Value Experience #1

I think matchbook handouts are a fun way to give the girls lists of things to do.  They're inexpensive, relatively easy to make, and they're just something a little different.  I have another matchbook handout for Individual Worth #1 I'll add here soon also.

To make these you will need to print the following:
Paper cutter
Matchbook Cover printed on white cardstock
Matchbook Inserts printed on white copy paper

I created the PDF's with some light guidelines for cutting and folding.  They are light enough, however, that if you want to adjust them for personal preference please do.

Cut the matchbook covers on the outside lines.  The interior lines will be used as markers to fold the matchbook. Cut the inserts on the outer guidelines also.  Place one of the scripture sheets and the action plan on top of each other and line them up so the top line is action plan is visible to be read.  Trim the bottoms so they are even.  (I'm sorry for this, but no matter how I placed the lines, as soon as I created the PDF the margins are different so they move a little.)
Cut the lines between the scriptures down to 1/2" from the bottom of the page.  Place both sheets inside the matchbook, fold the bottom piece over.  You may need to trim a little off to not cover the words on the matchbook cover.  Staple the handouts in place.

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