Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fortune Cookies

These weren't the easiest Personal Progress reminder I've made, but these were definitely one of the funnest.  The cookies take a little while to make.  I planned on a few hours for this particular handout.  You could just as easily make an entire batch with the same fortune and place them in a bowl to pass around Young Womens.

The recipe is on my food blog.  
Fortune Cookie Recipe.

The tags are printed on plain paper and mounted on black cardstock for support.  The PDF file is below.

I included three cookies in the bag, one said, "Confucius says it is a good day to work on Personal Progress", the second had a quote about the divine nature of Young Women by President Hinckley, and the third contained a random quote from a general authority. You could easily create your own inserts to accommodate whatever you are making the cookies for.

Fortune-ate Tag Labels
Fortune Cookie Inserts

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