Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2011 Primary Theme Blocks

I am finally posting some of our projects for those who may be interested.  We made these for an entire ward primary group and they turned out darling!

The wood we used was a basic 2x4 cut down to 3 1/2" squares.  We roughly sanded the edges then applied spray paint.  Krylon has a great spray paint available at Home Depot that usually only takes one coat.  LOVE IT!!!  For smaller projects basic acrylic paint works great.

The vinyl is a 3 1/4" square. All the blocks I have completed thus far have been white vinyl, however, a black vinyl would look great on most of the lighter colors of paint if you prefer black lettering.

Because these were distributed to an entire ward primary, we did package these in the cheap cello party bags from Walmart and tied them with a ribbon.  This helped prevent the gifts turning into building blocks before the children returned to their parents after sharing time.


Vinyl sticker only 
Single - $0.75     Set of 4 - $1.50

Do-it-yourself kit with sanded wood block & vinyl sticker
Single - $1.25     Set of 4 - $4.00

Completed 2011 Theme Block
Single - $2.00     Set of 4 - $6.00

Please contact me directly to purchase.

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