Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Integrity Value Experience #6

I love this little handout if for the girls who may need a little jump start in the Personal Progress.  This is such an easy value experience to complete.  All it involves is fasting.  For the girls who really struggle with Personal Progress, this experience doesn't even include journal writing (although if they don't notice it, don't point it out.)

We made little invitations to give to the girls the week before Fast Sunday at our mutual activities.  Nothing too fancy, but just a little reminder.

The envelope is a 6x6 piece of purple (of course) cardstock. The only reason I used this size was because I had some solid purple 12x12 cardstock in my scrapbook supplies.  You can adjust the envelope if you want.  If you have an envelope template you can use that, but I just folded all four of the corners into the middle.

The words are printed six to a page; these are glued on the inside of the envelope.  If you use the pdf file I've linked below, I trimmed 1 inch off the left side of the paper, and cut the squares from there.

Integrity Value Experience 6 Inserts

To make them look a little nicer I wrapped some ribbon around the outside and then sealed them with a round sticker.  The stickers I used were Avery 5293 round labels.  I realize this is not the most commonly used label size, so you could use even another piece of paper, a sticker, anything really to hold it closed.  The ones we are delivering to the girls at the mutual activity are personalized, but the ones we have in the Personal Progress basket have the Value Experience on the sticker to identify it from other integrity handouts.

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