Thursday, March 10, 2011

Choice & Accountability Value Experience #!

This is the bookmark that started all this hooplah.  We were planning for mutual to do all the reading associated with Choice & Accountability value experience #1, and I was asked to make some sort of checklist for the girls to mark their prayers and scripture reading each day for the two weeks while they worked on their goal.  I decided to make a bookmark.  My thoughts were if they're suppose to be reading their scriptures, the girls could keep the bookmark in their scriptures to remember the goal.  I didn't have a lot of time, so we just printed a quick bookmark out on cardstock.  Of course we're using orange because of Choice & Accountability.

 The girls had a lot of positive feedback on how helpful the bookmark was and how much they appreciated it.  After talking to them a little more I decided to go full force and create the rest of the handouts you see on the blog.  I'm hoping those of you who choose to use these will find them as helpful for your Young Women as we have for ours.

C&A Value #1 Bookmark

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