Monday, March 7, 2011

Good Works Value Experience #2

This was probably one of my favorite handouts to make.  This is a value experience that really the young women need to do on their own, but it can sometimes be put off unless the parents take the lead.  This handout can be combined with a cooking activity, or just something the girls can take to remind them or help motivate them to start on the project.

To make these you need: 
The three file downloads
     Album Covers
     Menu Plan
     Shopping List
Yellow Cardstock (thinking about Good Works)
Brag Book
Recipe Cards

I printed the album covers on white cardstock and the shopping list and menu plan on regular printer paper.  The shopping list was cut in half and the others were cut in quarters.  The yellow cardstock I used to back the album covers was cut to 6" x 4 5/8".  This was the size of the album cover I removed. I glued the Album Covers on the yellow cardstock to fill the opening.

I picked the brag books and recipe cards up from the Dollar Tree.  There were 50 4x6 recipe cards in a package, and I used 17 recipe cards for each book.  The first photo slot is where I placed the Menu Plan, and on the back side I placed the Shopping List folded in half.  All of the other photo slots had one recipe card in the front.  I figure the girls can add more if they want later.  I did use three differently designed recipe cards so they wouldn't feel like they can't add something that looks different.

If you wanted to incorporate this into an activity, the girls could make their own albums and share family recipes.  Whatever you choose - have fun!

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