Monday, March 7, 2011

Faith Value Experience #4

Here is a booklet I put together for Faith value experience #4.  My printer allows me to print on both sides automatically.  If you don't have a printer that is set up to do so, print one page at a time, loading the paper back in to print on the reverse side.

Cut the paper in half length wise, then fold the pages.  I stapled them in the middle to keep them together.  (Yes, I had to bend the paper a little to get it into a regular stapler.  If you use regular copy paper you can't tell once it's laid flat.) This is small enough for the girls to put in their scriptures to keep with them on the three Sundays they choose to work on this goal.

Again, the link will take you to Scribd.  Please don't panic when you are directed away from my blog.
Faith 4-Booklet

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